Working With A Great Lawyer

Working With A Great Lawyer

  • Don't Take My Ride: What To Know About Divorce And Cars

    When a couple parts ways, the belongings will need to be split up as well. After the family home, the couple's vehicles might be one of the most valuable pieces of property. It's only natural to be concerned about something as expensive as your car. After all, most people don't have the luxury of public transportation and need that car to get groceries, take the kids to school and to get to work every day.

  • Tips For Wrongful Termination After Workplace Harassment

    Workplace harassment is, unfortunately, an all-too-common occurrence in the workplace. For many years, victims had no way of fighting back; those who raised complaints usually faced some kind of retaliatory action, including termination. Although it's still not uncommon for people to be terminated after being harassed in the workplace, the legal system now provides victims with a way of fighting back. If you think you're facing termination after being harassed at work, there are a few things you should do.

  • 3 Useful Tips Disability Attorneys Recommend When Filing For Social Security Disability

    If you've suffered a disability and are a certain age, you may be able to qualify for social security disability benefits. Although getting them can be a long road, you can set yourself up for success by taking this advice offered by a disability attorney. 1. Check the Requirements First Before you dive head first into this process and get your hopes up, you first need to see what criteria is required to receive these types of benefits.

  • Proving Nursing Home Abuse When An Elderly Loved One Can't Speak For Themselves

    While nursing homes are a very practical resource for many families, occasionally, patients aren't treated with the care and respect they deserve. Unfortunately, if the patient or resident can't speak up for themselves, proving any type of abuse is a challenge. Even so, you are not powerless to stop the unfortunate treatment practices, nor to hold those responsible accountable. The Signs Of Abuse There are obvious and not-so-obvious indications that an elderly person isn't being taken care of properly.

  • Get Your Finances Back In Gear With These 4 Post-Bankruptcy Tips

    A bankruptcy is no one's idea of a good time, but it can sometimes be a necessary way to resolve a financial crisis that can't be fixed any other way. Don't waste time beating yourself up for having to file for bankruptcy. After a bankruptcy, the most important thing you can do is get your finances under control so that you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Take a look at some post-bankruptcy tips that will help you get your finances back in gear.

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