Working With A Great Lawyer

Working With A Great Lawyer

  • Don't Do These Two Things When Pursuing A Car Accident Claim

    Most car accident claims are negotiated and settled out of court. This is beneficial for all parties concerned; it saves time and money. However, you still have to watch out and avoid mistakes that can cost you money. Here are two of the most important things to remember during this time: Don't Automatically Accept the First Estimate Insurance companies aren't charities; they are businesses. Like any other business, their main aim is to make a profit.

  • Why You Should Think Twice Before Switching Divorce Lawyers

    It's possible to get a new divorce lawyer if you have problems with the current one. However, you should think twice before making such a move because you may face some difficulties. Here are some of the complications you may face when switching lawyers: It Might Be Costlier In The Long Run Switching lawyers is almost guaranteed to cost more than using the same lawyer for the case. Take an example where you pay your divorce lawyer a retainer, and then you decide to fire them after some months and hire another lawyer who also demands a retainer.

  • Charged With Embezzlement? 4 Defense Strategies That May Work

    It's estimated that businesses lose up to $90 billion each year to embezzlement. And it's not only big business that's affected. Theft can happen in any company, regardless of size. Embezzlement charges are serious and can result in stiff penalties if you're convicted. However, there are strategies and defenses that can help you avoid the penalties altogether or get them drastically reduced. If you've been charged with stealing money or resources from a company, you should hire a defense attorney right away.

  • The Basics Of A Restaurant Personal Injury Case

    While dining out can be a great experience, some people will unfortunately get injured on the premises of a restaurant. If you fall into that category, you may be looking for answers as to whether you can sue the restaurant. Here are some things to know. Does Your Case Have a Personal Injury Base? The first thing to note is whether your case would be considered a personal injury claim. Common ones with restaurants include slip and fall injuries and food poisoning relating to improperly prepared food or food that included allergens.

  • Discovering Harm Done

    Nearly everyone knows that you only have a certain length of time to file a personal injury claim against someone who has caused you harm. There are statutes of limitations in all states, and the times vary from a year to several years. No matter how egregious your injury, no court will hear a case when the time for filing has passed. There is, however, an important exception to this time limitation on filing.

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    Working With A Great Lawyer

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