Working With A Great Lawyer

Working With A Great Lawyer

4 Types Of Sexual Harassment At Work

Dianne Ellis

One of the last things you may want to deal with is being sexually harassed at work. This can make any good day turn into a bad one fast. Having to deal with a situation of this type can be a lot to bear. Of course, you may need to rely on the expertise of an attorney to assist you if you're being harassed in this way. Knowing some of the types of sexual harassment that are the most common may be helpful to you.

Type #1: Inappropriate touching

Getting touched while at work can be something that truly concerns you. For instance, if you're getting hugged unnecessarily or touched in vulnerable places, this can be quite concerning. 

It's important to make a note whenever this does happen to help you keep track for when you need to take legal action. Keeping a journal of these situations is certain to be helpful. 

Type #2: Sexual emails

One of the top ways for people to communicate these days is by email. If you have a computer and an email address with an Internet connection, this is easy to do.

If you find that you get emails containing sexual or harassing content, you'll want to keep these to show your supervisor.  This could be the ideal way for you to turn this individual in and prove that you're being treated in an unusual way.

Type #3: Sudden promotions

It's no secret when a person likes you at work, you may suddenly be given another job or promotion. While this sounds like a good idea, you should never take a job that you don't deserve.

Keep in mind if you're being sexually harassed by this person, you'll most likely need to do something to keep the promotion.

Typed #4: Being shown photos

Another way sexual harassment can take place is by this person showing you personal pictures by text or email. This could be of this individual without clothing and may be quite disturbing.

Of course, the first thing you'll want to do in a situation of this type is to report this individual.

Getting the justice you deserve for many things that may happen is truly important while you're on the job. Dealing with sexual harassment can be a scary thing, and it's something no one deserves to go through. Be sure to work with a harassment attorney in your area today to assist you if this dire situation is occurring in your life.


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