Working With A Great Lawyer

Working With A Great Lawyer

  • Three Defenses To Reckless Driving

    Reckless driving is a misdemeanor charge. If you are charged with and convicted of this charge, you will have a criminal record. This can prevent you from getting certain jobs and will be looked at when you are working with a rental agency. You can even be denied entry into certain countries if you have a criminal record. As such, you will likely want to work with a reckless driving attorney to get the charges reduced, dismissed, or work to be found not guilty.

  • Has Your Ex Remarried? 4 Steps To Take If It's Affecting Your Child

    Divorce is never easy on a child, especially when dealing with custody issues. When one of the parents gets remarried, the issues are often compounded. This is particularly true when the relationship between parent and child is altered as a result of the remarriage, or the child has issues with the new spouse. If your ex has remarried, and your child is experiencing problems as a result, you need to be proactive in your approach to the issues.

  • Facing A Burglary Charge? What You Can Do To Fight It

    Coming to terms with a pending burglary charge can be a very difficult thing. Just knowing that you could possibly face jail time for a burglary offense is enough to strike fear in anyone's heart, especially if you believe that it is an unfounded charge that you really did not do. The best way to handle the situation is to deal with the reality of the event and do everything you can to fight the charges.

  • Fight Against Court-Mandated Alcohol Rehab After A DUI Arrest

    When you've been arrested for driving while intoxicated and it's clear that the evidence against you is rock solid, your attorney will often shift his or her focus from attempting to plead your innocence to working on a favorable form of punishment. Of course, no form of punishment after a DUI is ideal, but there are some types that are certainly better than others. Sometimes, the court will require you to go through an alcohol rehabilitation program as part of your sentencing, but you may not wish to do so.

  • 4 Types Of Sexual Harassment At Work

    One of the last things you may want to deal with is being sexually harassed at work. This can make any good day turn into a bad one fast. Having to deal with a situation of this type can be a lot to bear. Of course, you may need to rely on the expertise of an attorney to assist you if you're being harassed in this way. Knowing some of the types of sexual harassment that are the most common may be helpful to you.

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