Working With A Great Lawyer

Working With A Great Lawyer

  • The Basics Of A Restaurant Personal Injury Case

    While dining out can be a great experience, some people will unfortunately get injured on the premises of a restaurant. If you fall into that category, you may be looking for answers as to whether you can sue the restaurant. Here are some things to know. Does Your Case Have a Personal Injury Base? The first thing to note is whether your case would be considered a personal injury claim. Common ones with restaurants include slip and fall injuries and food poisoning relating to improperly prepared food or food that included allergens.

  • Discovering Harm Done

    Nearly everyone knows that you only have a certain length of time to file a personal injury claim against someone who has caused you harm. There are statutes of limitations in all states, and the times vary from a year to several years. No matter how egregious your injury, no court will hear a case when the time for filing has passed. There is, however, an important exception to this time limitation on filing.

  • 4 Tips For Navigating Through A Commercial Lawsuit Without Damaging Your Case

    If your business is currently navigating through a commercial lawsuit, here are three tips that will help you successfully make your way through the process. #1 Limit What You Say Make sure that you limit what you say to your adversary. If you can avoid it, don't talk to the party that is suing you. Do not have conversations with them in front of other people. Anyone who witnesses your conversations can be called up to offer testimony in a deposition, so you need to worry about not just talking to the party you are engaged in the lawsuit with, but also anyone who hears you talking to them.

  • Name Five Issues Covered Under Family Law And Win At Real Life Family Feud

    The popular game show, Family Feud, pits two families against each other in a battle of wits. The families have to guess, or name, the most probable answers to the questions asked by the host. When you are in the midst of a real family feud, it is not quite so much fun. However, if you can name the five issues covered under family law, you are already ahead of the game.

  • How to Minimize the Effect of Divorce on Your Small Business

    Getting a divorce shouldn't sound a death knell for your small business. Unfortunately, that's the position you are likely to find yourself in if you don't take preventive measures to safeguard the business during your divorce. Here are three measures that should help your business emerge from the divorce unscathed: Keep Business and Personal Finances Separate The worst thing you can do for your business is to mix its money with your marital assets.

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    Working With A Great Lawyer

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