Working With A Great Lawyer

Working With A Great Lawyer

The Basics Of A Restaurant Personal Injury Case

Dianne Ellis

While dining out can be a great experience, some people will unfortunately get injured on the premises of a restaurant. If you fall into that category, you may be looking for answers as to whether you can sue the restaurant. Here are some things to know.

Does Your Case Have a Personal Injury Base?

The first thing to note is whether your case would be considered a personal injury claim. Common ones with restaurants include slip and fall injuries and food poisoning relating to improperly prepared food or food that included allergens.

Along with that, there may be a cause for bringing up negligence in your argument. If the restaurant hired people who weren't qualified to prepare food in a restaurant setting, this was a negligent act that could have put a lot of people in danger. The type of training and supervision that the restaurant provides to its newer employees is also important in determining negligence. For something like a food allergy, it helps to prove negligence; if you mentioned your allergy to the waiter and the food they served still had the allergen in it, there may be some negligence in terms of waiter or cook training.

Another potential side of liability is property liability. Your injury may not be food related at all; perhaps you slipped on a wet floor or tripped over a terrain feature that wasn't marked very carefully. Again, negligence can play a role if the restaurant knew about the issue but didn't take adequate steps to fix the problem or label it clearly.

Getting a Medical Evaluation Before Approaching a Lawyer

If you are considering starting a personal injury case against a local restaurant, it's a good idea to approach a doctor first. They can tell you about the severity of your injury and how long it is expected to last. They may recommend surgery or other procedures and give you a cost estimate. If you should take some time off work, they will put this in writing. All of this is helpful to have in hand when you approach a personal injury attorney. It's evidence that's hard to dispute if you go into the doctor's office right after your injury occurs. And with an estimate of the potential damages, your personal injury attorney can advise you if it's worth the time and money to go after the restaurant for your bad experience.


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