Working With A Great Lawyer

Working With A Great Lawyer

Why You Should Think Twice Before Switching Divorce Lawyers

Dianne Ellis

It's possible to get a new divorce lawyer if you have problems with the current one. However, you should think twice before making such a move because you may face some difficulties. Here are some of the complications you may face when switching lawyers:

It Might Be Costlier In The Long Run

Switching lawyers is almost guaranteed to cost more than using the same lawyer for the case. Take an example where you pay your divorce lawyer a retainer, and then you decide to fire them after some months and hire another lawyer who also demands a retainer. In this case, you will lose a lot of money since retainers are usually nonrefundable (unless the lawyer charged you an unreasonable fee, as ruled by a court). Don't forget that it will take time for the current attorney to bring the new one up to speed, and you have to pay for this time too if you are paying them by the hour.

It Will Need Time and Effort

You can't just take the first lawyer you find in a directory; you need to evaluate their credentials, experience, and compatibility with you. Not only that, but you also have to bring the new attorney up to speed on the progress of the case, so they don't waste time duplicating issues. All these takes time and effort.

The Judge May Have To Weigh In On The Issue

Generally, it's up to you to choose any lawyer you want for your legal representation. However, the timing of your switch might force the judge to block or question your move. For example, you may be barred from dismissing your lawyer during an actual trial since that would inconvenience everyone associated with the process. Also, you may be difficult to charge your lawyer if the case has seriously progressed without getting a replacement. Such a move may prompt the judge to accuse you of unnecessary delay.

It Might Be Difficult To Find a New Lawyer

It won't be difficult to find a lawyer if this is the first time you are switching legal representatives. However, prepare for an uphill battle in finding a lawyer to take up your case if you are in the habit of changing lawyer. If this is the fourth time you are looking for a different lawyer, who is to say that you won't do the same to the one you are about to hire? Prospective lawyers may analyze such behavior and decide that you are the one with a problem and not the lawyers you have been dealing with.  

Therefore, if you have a problem with your divorce lawyer, sit down and talk with them before deciding to look for another attorney. You might be lucky enough to find that what you thought of as a problem was just a misunderstanding. If you still wish to get a new attorney after the talk, your current lawyer will be more than happy to advise you on how to proceed so that you avoid the hurdles. Contact a firm like Reagan, Melton, & Delaney LLP to learn more.


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