Working With A Great Lawyer

Working With A Great Lawyer

3 Useful Tips Disability Attorneys Recommend When Filing For Social Security Disability

Dianne Ellis

If you've suffered a disability and are a certain age, you may be able to qualify for social security disability benefits. Although getting them can be a long road, you can set yourself up for success by taking this advice offered by a disability attorney.

1. Check the Requirements First

Before you dive head first into this process and get your hopes up, you first need to see what criteria is required to receive these types of benefits. First and foremost, you need to have a condition that's listed on the Social Security government website. 

Some of the most common include respiratory illnesses, neurological disorders, speech issues, skin disorders, musculoskeletal problems, and cancer. If you're not sure if your condition or medical problem qualifies for disability, it's best to contact Social Security directly. You also need to have enough work credits to qualify. These change from year to year, so you'll want to monitor any changes before applying.

2. Double-Check Your Application 

Reading and completing the necessary paperwork for SSD can be long and mentally draining. You need to stay sharp and double-check each form, however. One simple mistake, such as a misspelled name or missing info, could delay your case and even cause it to get denied.

Every time you fill out a form, go ahead and look it over again to make sure it's free of errors. You may even want an extra set of eyes from a friend or family member so that you can make sure you gave complete and correct information. 

3. Follow Up on a Denial 

When people get denied these benefits, they're often sent into a frenzy and think life as they know it is over. It's really not, and in fact, your case will probably get denied the first time. That's perfectly okay because you can still file an appeal.

For this appeal to go through, however, you need to find out what went wrong with the initial application. Contact a representative of Social Security and see what extra steps need to be taken. It may be as simple as providing a couple of more forms or attending additional medical appointments.

Getting SSD benefits doesn't have to be as intimidating or lengthy as it seems. What you need to do is follow the right protocol and take advice from a trusted disability attorney. Then, surely enough, you can get the benefits you desperately need during this stressful time. 

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