Working With A Great Lawyer

Working With A Great Lawyer

What Are Some Of The Reasons Why You Would Need To Mount A Dental License Defense

Dianne Ellis

Most people don't enjoy going to the dentist for their check-ups for fear that they may need treatment for cavities or other disorders. While this is a common complaint among dental patients, there are others that could become more serious and require a dentist to defend their license in court due to an unwarranted accusation. 

What are some of the reasons why you would need to mount a dental license defense? Here are just a few. If you have been accused of any of them it's best to consult a lawyer as soon as possible.

Negligence Of Care

One of the top reasons why you might need to mount a dental license defense is if you are accused of negligence in the care of your patients. Every state has their own rules and regulations on what is required to provide adequate care for dental patients. If it is perceived that any of these rules have been violated, it could lead to a suspension or loss of your dental license.

It's possible that you are being accused of violating your state's standard of care, meaning that at least one patient has reported you to the state's dental board which has triggered an investigation. If the board finds any signs of negligence or lack of care toward patients, your dental license can be suspended.

Fraudluant Office Practices

Another reason why your license might be suspended is if the dental board finds any sign of fraudulent office practices. It's possible that a patient was unhappy with the amount they were charged for dental treatment and believes they are a victim of fraud. They may then contact the dental board to request an investigation into your office practices.

The board could investigate your billing practices, how you keep your dental records, and even filing fraudulent claims to insurance companies. You will need to defend yourself against any potential charges in court and may have to deal with a potential suspension or revocation of your license.

Your lawyer can help mount a dental license defense and could potentially prove that none of these allegations is true.

DUI Charges Or Convictions

Another reason why you might find yourself having to mount a dental license defense is if you have been convicted of a previous DUI or are currently facing DUI charges in court.

The dental board takes this matter very seriously. If a dentist has been charged or convicted of driving while drunk or otherwise impaired, it could mean that they could come to work in an inebriated manner too. This puts the patients they treat at risk.

If you have found that your dental license has been suspended due to a previous DUI conviction or recent arrest, contact a lawyer and see what your options are.


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