Working With A Great Lawyer

Working With A Great Lawyer

5 Critical Services Employment Attorney Provide To Employers

Dianne Ellis

Employment attorneys provide invaluable services to employers, helping them navigate complex legal issues related to their employees. They are a valuable resource for any employer who wants to protect themselves legally and ensure they remain compliant with employment laws. This article will explore five of the critical services that an employment attorney typically provides to employers. 

1. Drafting Employee Handbooks and Policies

Employment attorneys help employers draft comprehensive employee handbooks and policies which outline the duties and responsibilities of each employee as well as the company's expectations from its workforce. This helps employers better manage their teams by providing clarity on what is expected from each team member in terms of performance and conduct. The handbook also serves as a reference point for employers to refer to in the event of any legal disputes arising from employee misconduct.

2. Employee Termination and Discipline

Employment attorneys are also well-versed in helping employers with difficult employee termination and discipline matters. They can provide guidance on how to handle such cases legally and ethically, ensuring that all state and federal laws are adhered to throughout the process. Having an attorney present during disciplinary meetings or hearings can help reduce potential legal issues for employers in the future by making sure that any actions taken by them are legally acceptable.

3. Negotiating Employment Contracts

Negotiating employment contracts is another area where employment attorneys come in handy. They have a deep knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations and can help employers ensure they are getting the best deal out of any negotiations. Employment attorneys also provide advice on non-compete, confidentiality, and other legally binding agreements that employees may be asked to sign with their employers.

4. Resolving Wage and Hour Disputes

Employment attorneys are also experts in resolving disputes over wages and hours worked by an employee. They have a thorough understanding of wage and hour laws and can help employers determine if they are in compliance with local, state, or federal regulations relating to employee compensation. Attorneys can also advise employers on setting up accurate payroll systems to ensure that employees are paid timely and accurately for the work they perform.

5. Advising Employers on Hiring Practices

Lastly, employment attorneys can also be a valuable asset to employers when it comes to setting up proper hiring practices. They can guide employers through the recruitment process from start to finish, providing advice on how best to avoid potential legal issues such as discrimination or harassment claims by creating fair and equal hiring policies. Attorneys can also provide guidance on appropriate background checks that should be done when recruiting new employees, which helps protect employers from possible negligence lawsuits.

The services provided by an employment attorney can prove invaluable for any employer looking to stay compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. From helping with employee handbooks and policy drafting to advising them on proper hiring practices, these professionals are an essential resource for keeping businesses legally protected at all times.

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