Working With A Great Lawyer

Working With A Great Lawyer

5 Effective Defense Strategies against a Narcotics Charge

Dianne Ellis

Have you been accused of either having or selling drugs? If so, the moment has come for you to put your criminal law attorney to the test. Regardless of whether or not you're guilty or not guilty, you should seek the guidance of a criminal attorney who can help you fight back against accusations of drug possession.

A criminal lawyer may be able to help you have your charges dismissed if one or more of these conditions are true:

1. You Did Not Own the Contraband

If the drugs did not belong to you and you didn't know they were there, accusations of possession should not be pursued against you. This argument may be used, for example, if the drugs were found in a car or another public space. Your lawyer will need to show that you were not aware of the existence of the drugs and had no control over them in order to prove your innocence.

2. Law Enforcement Set You Up

Sometimes authorities can go too far in their investigation and try to persuade you to commit a crime in order to create a case. If you can prove that the cops set you up, your charges may be dismissed. In fact, if an officer has pressured you to do anything unlawful, your attorney may attempt to have the officer removed from duty.

3. An Unlawful Search was Performed

A drug seizure by the police without a warrant or sufficient reason to perform a search can't be used as evidence against you, even if they do find drugs, because citizens are protected against unjust searches and seizures by the Constitution. It's possible that the accusations will be dismissed if your criminal law attorney can show that the police had no legitimate grounds to search your space.

4. The Lab Results Don't Match

The findings of a drug test may not be reliable. This might be due to a misdiagnosis or a misreporting of the exact amount of legal medication you have taken. Your case may be strengthened if you can show that the lab committed an error.

5. Physical Proof is Missing

The case becomes very shaky if the police did not locate any drugs on you or in the area where you were stopped. This is especially true if there are no bystanders who can confirm that you were intoxicated. Even if they did recover narcotics but are unable to present them as evidence in court, the case can still be unsuccessful.

A criminal lawyer can still help you even if none of these conditions are true in your case. If the case proceeds to trial, a narcotics possession charge might result in a significant prison term. That's why understanding your legal options and working with an attorney are so important. Speak to a criminal law attorney as fast as you can when facing these odious charges.


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