Working With A Great Lawyer

Working With A Great Lawyer

Signs You Need To Retain A DUI Lawyer ASAP

Dianne Ellis

Drunk driving is against the law in all states, and even though you're innocent until proven guilty, it's a daunting experience to go through a suspected DUI trial without any type of legal aid.

There are certain circumstances where having a DUI lawyer is not just a suggestion, but a major necessity in helping you close your case and get on with your life. If you don't have a DUI lawyer retained yet, you may still be able to retain one by paying the upfront fees once you have a consultation done. Here are signs you need to retain a DUI lawyer ASAP.

Your DUI comes with other charges

Are you facing charges in addition to a DUI, such as reckless endangerment of a child, underage drinking, reckless driving, or other charges? While some of these charges may be dropped when you go before a judge, your past criminal or driving history, or the conditions upon which your DUI occurred, can lead to more severe charges that can surprise you.

Hire a DUI lawyer if you are worried about having a fair trial or taking on a larger caseload yourself than you're able to manage. Your DUI lawyer will immediately go over your case history and your community presence to help determine the best mode of action when it comes to your DUI charge. This can mean working with the prosecuting attorney to get a plea deal or to even have certain charges dropped.

Your DUI is not your first

If you have a history of DUIs, then you need a DUI lawyer. Your DUI lawyer will be especially necessary if you have had a more recent DUI before this one. Why is this important? The answer lies in the law: the more DUIs you have, the more at-risk you are of losing your license for long periods of time, facing more jail time, or even having a misdemeanor DUI turn into a felony charge.

You want the legal representation you need to make your trial go quickly and have the best possible outcome. While there are no guarantees when it comes to going to trial for a DUI case, your best option for protecting yourself lies in getting a DUI lawyer to assist you. Whether you are halfway through your case or you have a public defender and you want a more niche lawyer for your case, get a consultation with a DUI lawyer to see what you need to do next with your DUI case.

For more information on when you might need a DUI lawyer, contact a professional near you. 


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