Working With A Great Lawyer

Working With A Great Lawyer

Dine Out Regularly? Take These Steps To Preempt Food Poisoning Cases

Dianne Ellis

About 48 million of people suffer food poisoning every year; of these 128,000 require hospitalization, and 3,000 die. Therefore, the risk of you getting food poisoning isn't that far removed from reality. The following precautions should be part of your life; they will help you to prevent food poisoning and recover fast in case you are poisoned:

Know Your Restaurants

Don't just eat in any restaurant; read reviews first to help you weed out the obviously dangerous ones. Read reviews written by other diners as well as health inspection reports of each restaurant in your area to help you identify the safe ones. Get such reports from your local health department; most health departments upload these reports to their websites. The inspections cover different things such as if restaurant employees regularly wash their hands, availability of hand towels, and availability of separate utensils for handling and preparing raw meat and ready-to-eat foods.

Don't Be Afraid To Return Suspicious Food

It's bad to be rude to servers, but it's even more dangerous to eat bad food. Therefore, don't be afraid to return suspicious food even if the waiter claims it is suitable for consumption. For example, if your grilled meat looks undercooked, have it returned for further preparation or switch your dishes, you will be safer that way. Just do it in a polite but firm manner and you will be alright.

Know the Symptoms of Food Poisoning

One of the difficulties of pursuing a food poisoning claim or lawsuit is that the symptoms often begin late, and they may be mistaken for other illnesses. This is unfortunate because the longer you take before filing your claim, the higher the possibility that the chain of evidence will be lost. For example, if you delay too long, you may file your claim when the restaurant no longer has even a trace of the food that poisoned you. Therefore, it's advisable to educate yourself on the symptoms of food poisoning so that you can seek medical attention and file your claim as soon as you noticed the symptoms. Apart from abdominal pain, other examples of food poisoning symptoms include fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

Hopefully, you won't suffer food poisoning, ever. However, if you do suffer food poisoning after eating in a restaurant, the precautions above will help make your ensuing injury claim less complicated. Don't forget to seek prompt medical care and consult a personal injury attorney to help you with the claim.

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